Compromise Agreement Examples



Personalised Agreement


  • From £39.95 + VAT 


  • 120 day money-back guarantee  


Compromise Agreement examples are generally found as templates varying widely in their ease of use. Ours faithfully replicates the discovery process that would otherwise take place in a lengthy interview with a specialist Employment lawyer.


Can I find examples of completed and signed Compromise Agreements?


No, or at least none should be publicly available. It is a standard provision of a Compromise Agreement that both parties keep its contents confidential.


What about "free" templates?


  • Can be found online
  • Are worth exactly what you pay for them
  • Have a high risk of non-compliance
  •    -  Does it reflect the latest case law?
  •    -  How useful are its completion instructions?
  • Usually time-consuming to edit and complete


And static, low-cost templates?


  • Can be found online
  • Priced around £10 – £30
  • Can be time-consuming to edit and ensure it is still compliant
  • May result in your employee’s advisor recognising it as a D-I-Y job and negotiating accordingly


And automated mid-price templates?


  • Online only: priced around £100 - £250
  • Increases the value of your existing knowledge and experience
  • First draft complete in under 15 minutes
  •    - Integrated context-sensitive help
  • Legally backed and guaranteed compliant
  • A price tag of £250 can include:
  •    - delay overnight for review by a qualified solicitor
  •    - resulting in an attempted “up-sell”


And Bespoke templates?


  • Prices and timescales on application from:
  •    - Regulated lawyers and law firms;
  •    - Suitably qualified and regulated HR firms and professionals
  • A must for complex, high-profile, high-risk redundancies and / or departures
  • Prepare yourself for a lengthy discovery process